This NaNo thing is catching

The girliejones  version that is – think of as many things to do as possible and then try to cram them all into one day month. Sure, I’ll do that! 

Today was the day that seemed to have 72 hours in it! I slept in (anything after 6am is a sleep in so 7.15 was good!), lazed about with the kids until at least 9, did washing, cleaned a week’s worth of mess up in the living area, swept and generally tidied, AND fed and bathed and dressed two kids and self and was STILL out of the house by 11.30. To the shops, to get big boy a haircut (didn’t happen) and purchase a couple of birthday presents for forthcoming parties we are attending for small children. Nice lunch, some non-perishable groceries, and two Boost Juices (can’t get them at the local shopping centres), and we headed up to girliejones ‘ place for "afternoon tea". Arrived at 2ish, left after 7.30pm! Lovely afternoon with some time with her family and the rest as usual discussing everything else under the sun (and it seems we’re already calendaring into late 2010…) Then it was home again with phone calls to husband and my mum, and while I was looking forward to continuing to listen to my Meg Cabot book on the way home (this time it’s Avalon High), mum and I ended up talking all the way home instead. I love phone conversations in the car (yes, handsfree) because it’s a productive use of time!

And then I got home and slacked off for the evening, and it feels like it should be really late but it’s only just about to hit 11pm which is normally when I get to bed anyway! Very enjoyable day that has apparently stretched the boundaries of time. Wonderful!

Tomorrow may not be so much fun. Two hours of junior cricket (blah. And with a 3 year old to entertain!) and then a six year old’s birthday party in the park. Again, with 3 year old in tow. Much pushing of said three year old on swing will ensue…

Business as usual!


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3 responses to “This NaNo thing is catching

  1. Anonymous

    Yes! Cram as much as possible! It all avalanches too at some point and things seem to get themselves done!

    Bah to your Sunday though! No wireless!!

    Am fiddling with this iGoogle thing!

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