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Hal Spacejock four book giveaway competition

via halspacejock (funnily enough):

.. including worldwide postage, via the Ebooks Just Published blog:

I’ve just finished reading Simon Haynes’ hilarious sci-fi, comedy adventure Hal Spacejock and enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to run a competition to give one lucky reader the chance to win signed copies of the entire 4-book series (print edition). Here’s the deal …

Read the rest on their blog, and please note that winning this particular comp requires skill, not random luck:

Entries will be judged on their originality, creativity and humour. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to a review. Other possibilities include writing an extra or alternative scene, some witty dialog between the main characters, a back story, critiquing a particular passage, etc, etc. Believe me, once you’ve read the book, plenty of ideas will flow.

What a nice chap 😉

Please feel free to share the competition, even if you don’t intend to enter.


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Sean Williams shout out

Over at Tor, Lou Anders has done a shout out to our very own Sean Williams. ladnews here on LJ, Sean is possibly the nicest guy in Aussie fandom, in addition to being Australia’s biggest export outside of iron ore. He’s friendly, charming, impossibly talented and prolifically writerly, soft spoken and lovely. Oh, and his latest Star Wars book hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

Lou says more about him over here:

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Twilight movie reviews

So the first of the reviews are starting to come in from those places over the waters. I’m totally only doing this roundup so I can use this icon.

Over at Tor, comparing to Romeo and Juliet, with cynicism:

This reviewer doesn’t have a problem with the film making but isn’t so impressed with the story itself:

Rotten Tomato critics have varying opinions:

Well heck, I’ll just stop here – Beyond Hollywood does the round up:

Yeah, I’m so only posting for the icon use. 🙂

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New email address

And I finally made the full switch on my email address. New email is editormum75 (at) gmail [dot] com

asimmum e-dress will still be forwarded for the foreseeable future, barring gmail shenanighans.

And I learned something VERY useful from girliejones  on the weekend regarding multiple gmail accounts. If you don’t save your login details, you can in fact log on to different accounts in different IE windows. This is a wonderful break through for me! You probably all knew it already though 🙂 Most handy when one works out of multiple email accounts.


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So I did something I shouldn’t have…

I drank a 600ml Diet Coke at 7pm. I did so deliberately, because I had so very much I wanted to get done this evening and I was very tired. I achieved everything I wanted to except for work paperwork I brought home, and then got some other stuff done too. But now I wonder if I’ll ever sleep again…

This is bad, because I was already slightly floaty today at work, after the long hours and not enough sleep for the weekend (and probably quite a few days prior). Goodness knows what I’ll be like tomorrow!

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