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Australian Romance Readers Convention

I would love to go to this!

In February 2009 the inaugural Australian Romance Readers Convention is being held in Melbourne.

There will be talks by Sherrilyn Kenyon, MaryJanice Davidson, Stephanie Laurens, Susan Donovan, Susan Grant and many many more.

Panels will cover all types of romance fiction from ebooks to series, erotica to the paranormal, the future of romance to where the "big" ideas come from.

Events planned include a reception and a dinner, booksignings and plenty of opportunities to meet with others who like romance just as much as you do.

Registrations for ARRC09 are open now – and until 31 October you can even get a discount. For more info go to or email us at

If you aren’t able to make it to ARRC09 but you would like to help promote the event, you can request an "I wish I was going to ARRC" logo for your blog or website.


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Keeping track of books

kathrynlinge  just posted about the number of books she’s read this year. I’ve seen others such as monissaw  post about their reading numbers for the year. I just wanna know how the heck you keep track of that sort of thing?! I can be reading up to four books at any one time (sometimes more if the open pile on the bedside table grows…). I frequently come across a book I’ve started, got distracted from (ooh, see the pretty butterflies!) and rediscovered underneath a pile of books some months later, so I clearly couldn’t be trusted to record books as they are finished. And what happens if I finish one when I’m not near my recording apparatus? Like, at school, or in Queensland, or at girliejones ‘ place, or a convention? It happens! And do graphic novels count? What about audio books, cos I’ve been getting through a fair few of them this year! 

All’s I can say for sure is that I’ve read 30+ Aurealis Awards books, and add to that the number of reviews I’ve written this year. But there’s LOADS more than that, cos I’ve read non-genre that I don’t review, graphic novels and comic volumes from the public library, YA from my library, old genre, new genre I didn’t need to review…

However do you keep track?!


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TPP Angel Rising launch at Wastelands

girliejones will probably smack me ’round for posting this but I thought some of you who didn’t make either Conflux or Wastelands might like to sneak a peek at some of the Angel Rising launch – this is a small part of girliejones ‘ launch speech at Wastelands – please note, she was quite weary that day 🙂

Actually, it’s more about the New Ceres world than the launch itself, but that’s all part of it! Maybe will upload the other bits soon.


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Another ASIM 37 mention

The delightfully well read cassiphone  over at lastshortstory  has said nice things about flinthart ‘s story in ASIM 37:

This isn’t the first time I’ve read this story – I actually workshopped it with Dirk a year or two ago, before it hit this final form. It blew me away all over again, reading it today. It’s deeper into sentiment and nostalgia than most of Dirk’s fiction, but it pulls off everything it is trying to do so very well, and it fits into a larger dialogue (acknowledged within the story) of other SF stories about growing up and leaving childish things behind, and how this can be a metaphor for magic/science fiction or, just as easily… not.

The gorgeously beautiful cover art Dan Skinner did for this issue was inspired by this story and having both the story and the artwork in ASIM 37 help make this issue something just a little bit special. Thanks guys.

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Fiction Focus educational magazine

I declare today to be the day of the promotional post!

Just saw this on the CMIS blog:

It’s time to renew Fiction Focus subscriptions for 2009. The journal is produced three times a year as a project of CMIS Evaluation, within the Department of Education and Training, Western Australia.

All public secondary schools within the state receive two copies of Fiction Focus free, but there are many interstate and international subscribers who also enjoy reading our reviews of Young Adult fiction. Our reviewing network covers all states of Australia, and includes a sprinkling of international teachers and teacher librarians. Feedback indicates that the classroom focus of Fiction Focus reviews is what makes this journal particularly useful for educationalists.

Details of how to subscribe for 2009, along with a downloadable subscription form are now available.

It interests me because the last issue of FF for 2008 (due out soon) should contain three book reviews by me – Dust Devils (by the illustrious ladnews) and The Two Pearls of Wisdom (by Alison Goodman) as well as some book from the UK that they sent to me for my first review.

I think this is my first non-genre reviewing gig. Even though the three books I’ve reviewed are genre!

Next stop, Magpies and Good Reading…

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