New Ceres updatery

Did you know that Issue 1 of the New Ceres ezine is free for download and always will be?

You can download it from here and it contains the first of the George Gordon stories by Dirk Flinthart.

The full table of contents:
"Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright" by Maxine McArthur
"Scandal at the Feast of Saturn" by Tansy Rayner Roberts
"She Walks in Beauty" by Dirk Flinthart

From the New Ceres Papers
"Tale of the Veramaurs"
"Touring the Galaxy – A Guide – Vol 34, New Ceres"
"Biology of New Ceres"
"Lady C’s Proper Composure in Society"
"Postcards from Georgiana"
"Planetary System"

The shared world of New Ceres (and surrounding system) is copyrighted under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5, some rights reserved.

The writers and artists who contribute their works to New Ceres retain the copyrights to their individual works of art or writing, and must be approached individually for permission to reprint or otherwise use these works.

The standard contract for the New Ceres webzine requires all writers to release the original characters, worldbuilding details and history contained within their individual works into the shared world of New Ceres, for common use.

And some information on the project at large:

During the war that left Earth uninhabitable, refugees from the doomed planet fled to the outer colonies. Many of them found their way to New Ceres, a planet that embraced the Age of Enlightenment almost two hundred years ago, and has not yet let go.

The water may be green and spaceships may be landing on a regular basis, but New Ceres is a planet firmly entrenched in Eighteenth Century culture. Offworld technology is strictly forbidden to anyone outside the government, and powdered wigs are in fashion.

New Ceres initially appeared in 2006 with a second issue of the webzine following in 2007. The New Ceres project is set in a shared world where writers are free to play with genre, characters and worldbuilding. Tansy Rayner Roberts created the eyebrow-raising duo of La Duchesse and Pepin in her story “Scandal at the Feast of Saturn” in Issue 1 which Lucy Sussex picked up and ran with in her award-winning story “Mist and Murder” in Issue 2. This much-loved pair will be back for more scandal, this time in print in the upcoming New Ceres Anthology. Dirk Flinthart’s George Gordon from “She Walks in Beauty” (Issue 1) will also reappear and in the meantime you can catch him in his new novella Angel Rising. Kaaron Warren brings some of the darker shades of New Ceres to light in her offering, “Tontine Mary”.

New Ceres isn’t just about the characters we have grown to love. It’s also about the undercurrent of dissent as an underclass is created through the mass absorption of refugees as seen in Stephen Dedman’s “Sufficiently Advanced” (Issue 2) and Cat Sparks’ “The Bride Price” (Issue 2). It’s about the power and the glory of the Lumoscenti (Jay Lake’s “Tower the Sun”, Issue 2) and it’s about trying to control the unknown (Maxine McArthur’s “Tyger Tyger”, Issue 1). For me, it’s also about the coffee houses and the dresses (as seen in various pieces of ‘nonfiction’).

New Ceres is an exciting project. Each writer has stamped their own claim on pieces of this world and its story. Where will they take New Ceres next? Find out in New Ceres: the anthology! This book is scheduled to be released at Swancon 2009.

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