Blog addition treatment

Hello, my name is Tehani, and I have a social networking addiction.

I’m spending WAY too much time on LJ and Facebook and I haven’t got anything else done in weeks. So I’m taking a bit of a break from Facebook (and especially SCRABBLE!) and am defriending myself from a bunch of LJs for a few weeks. I’ll probably reinstate it all in mid December when holidays hit and I’m hopefully a little bit better in my self control over my networks!

I’ll still be updating and reading a bit, but not like I was. I can’t go cold turkey, but I’m going to restrict myself. hmmm, maybe I need a rewards system…


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7 responses to “Blog addition treatment

  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    See, if your problem is blog addition, you should try some subtraction….

    (don’t hurt me!)

  3. Anonymous

    good luck with that. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Probably a good decision. Take care.

  5. Anonymous

    I am thinking of cutting down instant messaging.

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