Wastelands updatery

Wastelands on Saturday was lovely. It’s small and intimate (love the twisty corridors at the Good Earth hotel!) and friendly. I went to more panels yesterday than I’ve been to in total at my last four conventions! Well, I was ON two of those panels… Hanging out with girliejones, battblush, Matty C, valeskah1, punkrocker1991and kathrynlinge, and seeing lilysea, ratfan, callistraand cheshirenoir– and me getting to enjoy it without worrying about the kids because the terribly awesome kaelajaelhad them for THE ENTIRE DAY until I picked them up at half past 11! I swear, I had no intention of staying that late, but it’s hard to leave when you’re having such good conversation. Don’t know what I can possibly do to repay kaelajaelfor her awesomeness. Will have to think about that.

Was on the Explosion in Small Press panel, and Women in Small Press panel, which was good. An interesting idea from one of the audience members regarding marketing, so I’m going to work on that. We also had the west coast launch of flinthart‘s novella Angel Rising with hot drinks and lots of cupcakes and lollies. I’m really pleased with sales of Angel at a mini-con like this one. It helps that it looks so pretty (thanks catsparx!).

So back again today, this time with kids, because I’m not committed to panels or launches. I told Matt to bring kids that matched mine, and chesh and calli’s boys are there, and Norah, and a couple of other littlies yesterday, so hopefully that goes well. Big boy will have his Nintendo to keep him occupied regardless, and I might take the laptop and some princess dvds for missy, in case I need to occupy her, but we’re not staying for more than a couple of hours because I HAVE to come home and do floors and tidyups as there’s a house inspection tomorrow. Yuck.

Oh, and I have some photos (hmmm, and some VIDEO), but can’t be bothered downloading right now. More later!

ETA: There are other people at the con too, who I haven’t managed to chat much to though, like angriest and stephen_dedman , and Nick S. and others I know. It’s a lovely little con!


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2 responses to “Wastelands updatery

  1. Anonymous

    House inspections.

    I need a house inspection! For almost two weeks I haven’t been seen with a broom nor a duster! HELP! Since Filou had his paw bitten off (almost!) by a large dog I’ve been going back and forth between the clinic and the house. He didn’t like hospital food (who would?) so I had to cook the chicken breast for him and deliver! Now he is improving fast but still goes round wearing his favourite lamp shade.
    I won’t write any more just now. I tried several times but it kept disappearing! I am still in Poland – no new house yet! BUGGER!

    • Anonymous

      Re: House inspections.

      Mum said something very similar about needing house inspections! Is still nice and tidy but that won’t last past tomorrow 🙂

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