Off to Wastelands!

I’m getting ready to head out for the day to Wastelands II: Age of Iron (if getting ready means checking my emails and LJ and wondering what I’ve forgotten to put in my bag). This is a steampunk convention. I’m still not sure I know what steampunk is, and in the past, this sort of thing probably wouldn’t be on my radar. But it’s run by friends (waves at cheshirenoir and callistra ) and girliejones is a guest of honor, and a whole bunch of my Perth friends will be there, so I’m going, I’m on two panels and supporting a book launch, and am looking forward to hanging out with my friends for the day. AND the very gorgeous and wonderful kaelajael has offered to wrangle kids for the day! How lucky am I??? I get to go play for the day without worrying about the sprogs! Am really looking forward to it.


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2 responses to “Off to Wastelands!

  1. Anonymous

    You have steampunk conventions over there? I’m jealous!

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