Fairy Princess Parties

We had the fairy princess 3rd birthday party yesterday. Badly timed on the last Saturday of the holidays meant only two friends from daycare came, but we also had one of Master 5’s buddies and his little sister whom Miss 3 gets along very well with (sees her every week at bowling and they keep each other busy). Location is everything. Recommend The Fun Station for birthdays for this age group. They are locked in. There’s loads of kids to play with. You can stay as long as you like. The party service is excellent. Our host was dressed as a fairy too! And there was plenty of food, and even a pass the parcel supplied. Parents were pleasant company too, and[info]girliejones came with a surprise attachment. They came back to our place after the party and I made quiche again for lunch. Coffees and cake, great company and conversation. Other than the occasional paint mishap, a lovely day!



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3 responses to “Fairy Princess Parties

  1. Anonymous

    Super cute!

  2. Anonymous

    from Auntie Mari in Poland. How fast you grow, you were so little when I last saw you… XXXXX

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mari! It’s nice to see you here – means you get to keep up with us even though I’m too slack to send emails to anyone these days! 🙂 So you’re still in Poland?

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