Bloody stupid Channel 7 :(

I plan my week around my Sunday night TV. It’s when I do my ironing. So when Channel 7 decides to broadcast stupid movies instead of Private Practice, I get very very cross. And I can’t fathom why! I know it wasn’t on last week because of the Telethon, but why not this week? Or next week?! Nothing on the website. I’m pretty sure we’ve only had two nights of it since the bloody Olympics, and now it’s gone again! WTF???

ETA: I wonder if they’re scared of The Mentalist? I am definitely watching this show, but taped it instead of going live cos I wanted to watch PP tonight! Grrrr. Now I have to wait til it’s finished!


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5 responses to “Bloody stupid Channel 7 :(

  1. Anonymous

    yeah, i went looking for it too.

  2. Anonymous

    By now you should not be surprised by anything Australian commercial tv does, I would have thought. 🙂

    You can always get it from the Internet TV Shop, too.

  3. Anonymous

    School holidays? At least, it is over here, and they often take shows off for the holidays and then put them back on again later. I guess parents don’t watch tv when the kids aren’t going to school 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve heard about the bizarreness of Oz TV programming from Rose, including variable timeslots.

    I only have to put up with unannounced programme starts.

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