Wastelands II: Age of Iron

via callistra ‘s spam-fest!


Wastelands II, Age of Iron is only EIGHT DAYS AWAY!

We have a new programme up for perusal, so click here and go and have a look!

We’re still open to new panellists joining up, so if you see anything you would like to be on, please let us know!


Wasteland II: Age of Iron and Sin Present:
I am pleased to announce a special "Steampunk" theme night at Sin, in conjunction with Wasteland II:Age of Iron on the night of the 18th of October. Presenting your WII:AoI membership will get you 4$ entry on the night. Patrons will be encouraged to dress in suitable attire. Many thanks to Sin for allowing us to do this joint event.

What is it?
Wastelands II, Age of Iron is a two day convention focusing on the
futures of yesterday, and the glories of tomorrows that never were.
There will be two streams over two days. including workshops, panels,
and presentations. Discounts for people dressed in theme.

Wastelands is on the Saturday, October 18,
and Sunday the 19th 2008 at the Good Earth Hotel in Perth, WA.

Where is it?
The Good Earth Hotel, Perth

How do I pay?
It’s $65 for a full membership, or $60 concenssion.
You can pay on the day, or you can pay via Paypal in advance.
Email us at callisto at g mail dot com if you want to pay in advance.

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