I haz a new blog name

Now that I’ve left (well, am still in the process of leaving, but it’s happening!) Andromeda Spaceways, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep the moniker  "asimmum" so I’ve bit the bullet and paid the money (stupid exchange rate!) and I’m now editormum ! Heh, big change eh? 🙂 

My email will also change to editormum75 at gmail dot com but all emails will reach me as I’ve no intention of closing the asimmum gmail. Is it even POSSIBLE to close a gmail address?!

Anyway, I’m shedding my skin. Is fun! And time consuming…


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6 responses to “I haz a new blog name

  1. Anonymous

    Yikes. That’s a scary thought. I sort of bundle all my internet personas rather than picking whole new ones.

    • Anonymous

      I was dragonkat for so very long, then asimmum came along when I started blogging and took over (cos it was a lot easier to get as a user name than dragonkat!). Fingers crossed this one sticks around for a while 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, I was more complaining about the fact that a couple of weeks ago it would have been so much less…!

    Heh, you and girliejones put the thought in my head.

  3. Anonymous

    Are you still interested in reviewing ‘The Faery Taile Project’? I decided that because youare a fellow industry professional that I could just send you a copy (electronic or hard copy if you like) and not worry about drawing your name out of the hat.

    Sorry to hear that you’re leaving ASIM — what will you be doing now?

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, yes please. Prefer print if possible, as it’s difficult to find time to read the long form on screen.

      I am editing for Shiny (YA webzine) for Twelfth Planet Press – hopefully an issue will hit the internet later this month – and am also working on the New Ceres print anthology for TPP. Another couple of projects are floating about for next year too, but yet to be confirmed.

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