Conflux Roundup Part II

With sexy new Dr Horrible icon care of deepfishy– thanks!

I’m sure there will still be some words on Conflux to come from other attendees, but for those who need their fix of goss NOW, here ‘tis!


There were a couple of con-goers who made flocked posts about the con – if they are on your flist, then you’ve already seen them anyway 🙂 My favourite bit about reading all these posts is how most people come back (exhausted, but) all charged up with creative ideas. Cat Sparks said something about Conflux being a great con for readers, writers and publishers, rather than “fans”, and I think that’s perhaps why it gets the creative juices flowing. So many like minds with awesome knowledge, skills and experience, getting together in that synergistic way and planting the seeds of future great stuff!

Apparently (and highly coincidentally!) there was a Conflux held in Portland, Oregon, at the exact same time – I’ve done my best not to confuse the two… 

ETA: Fixed to point to Nyssa’s entry rather than the thief who stole it! Sorry Nyssa.



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3 responses to “Conflux Roundup Part II

  1. Anonymous

    GASP! Someone stole my blog entry! The one from houseshopfast.blogspot is actually my entry at

    Who the hell steals blog entries?! *cries*

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