We’ve had visitors for three out of the last four days and the one day we didn’t, we visted two lots of rellies. So the de-junking is not necessarily progressing, but the house (the main living area at least) is relatively tidy because of looking nice for friends/family 🙂

Yesterday we had a bazillion kids here withbattblush andkaelajael . Was absolutely delightful except for poor Connor being ill and also being in the wars. Big kids were at times a bit fractious, but perhaps understandably with so many small ones. Mostly all nine (yep, NINE!) kids were fantastically good. Particularly gorgeous Erin who (at SIX) tidied up Miss (now) Three’s room beautifully after playing for many hours. It’s tidier now than before the kids came! We three grown-ups sat around and talked work and writing and books and kids and all that great conversation you can only have when interrupted constantly by one child or another. I love getting together with these two, because amazingly, despite the number of children, it’s always relaxing and fun.

Then today was the Big 3 birthday. Far too many presents, but all well appreciated. Some lovely clothes from family, books, dolls and a great little cot/bath/high chair playset that I’ve only just finished putting together. We had some family around for lunch (well, Auntie Gene got here a bit after 11, the interstate visitors got lost, nearly got divorced, and didn’t arrive until after TWO!) and stayed most of the afternoon. My kids are buggered, and I’m weary too (early night tonight, definitely!) but it was very pleasant. Hubby arrived home about an hour ago, so a couple more pressies for the big girl and they’ve all crashed now. Not long before I do too.

Will do another Conflux roundup tomorrow – lots of lovely posts around to keep us in the loop.

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