So my little girl turns three tomorrow. Where does the time go? Since (just before) she born, we’ve bought two houses and sold one, moved three times, once interstate, had a miscarriage, both parents changed jobs, me three times, hubby twice (with some short stints in fill in jobs while on leave). Her brother has had to leave behind his friends twice and start new "schools" four times. And this little girl? She’s grown from a very serious baby to a happy, talkative, stubborn, bossy, gorgeously sweet girl. She’s just beautiful, very loving and snuggly, but at the same time hard-headed and pouty when she doesn’t get her own way… She adores her big brother and copies everything he does, which is probably why she’s talking as well as she does. She is wonderful, she is spoilt, she is precious, and I love her dearly.

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy birthday to her! (And I know what you mean about the years zipping past…)

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