Why yes, I WAS going to have an early night tonight, but I just can’t resist a dose of Captain Jack. Never mind I have all three DVDs in my cupboard and this was on TV with ads… I’m BORED okay! Besides, I needed to do two weeks worth of folding – we’ve run out of clothes!

I’m on my onesie while everyone else is on the rum in Canberra. Is making me slightly odd(er than usual) I think… Bring on tomorrow (today!) with a visit from[info]kaelajael and [info]battblush and assorted progeny. That’ll fix me up.

We did do stuff today. Went to King’s Park (got lost about four times trying to find the right meeting place) for a few hours with visiting rellies from Sydney. Called in on more rellies on the way home. I think I accidentally stood Russell up tonight because I’d asked if today would be a good day for me to harrass him about Aurealis noms and come drink his totally fantastical hot chocolates. But then I forgot to confirm because we were running late this am, and I didn’t have his phone number, and the kids were ferally tired… All the excuses but I AM really sorry Russ!

Anyway, NOW I’m going to bed… Ta Ta!

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