More Year’s Best shout outs

Thanks to stephen_dedman, I found the Dozois Year’s Best Science Fiction (2007) over at ye olde faithful Amazon, so I’ve done the picky out thing again over at my new Australian Small Press blog. If you can’t be bothered going over there, you could just friend the feed on LJ 🙂 aus_small_press(thanks again to callistra!).

Congratulations to those made of awesome on my flist – stephen_dedman, catsparx, ladnewsand coode_streetmost specifically (hope I didn’t miss anyone!). The SF honorable mentions are a lot more foreign to me than the fantasy and horror HMs. Almost entirely made up of overseas publications other than Eclipse 1, edited by Jonathan Strahan and a couple of AGOG! Ripping Reads mentions. The New Space Opera (co-edited by Strahan, and one of the few SF collections I’ve ever thoroughly enjoyed!) garnered a whole heap of love, as did the Wizards collection (co-edited by Jack Dann), although the attention given to it is unusual. While I haven’t read it (I’m planning to though!) everything I could find on the book suggests it’s a collection of fantasy stories. However, Mr Dozois can acknowledge his own publications if he wants and after this many years of editing, I’m sure he’s an excellent judge.

I’m probably never going to read the overseas short story markets prolifically. I do read quite a few anthologies, but rarely the magazines, or even the online stuff, mostly because I’m more interested in novels in general, but also because I don’t have time. So I enjoy browsing the Year’s Bests because it gives me an idea of new names and established authors still going strong/writing lots. I might not agree with everything the editor/s put in, but I sure do like looking at them!


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2 responses to “More Year’s Best shout outs

  1. Anonymous

    Do you know if there’s a way to get the HMs without purchasing? Or purchasing some cheaper electronic edition somewhere? 🙂

    Though “search inside this book” implies no mention of gud. Fie!

    • Anonymous

      I just search inside. This one was much easier to use than the Fantasy/Horror one (which DID mention GUD!) as the pages were all connected 🙂 I didn’t see any reference to GUD 😦

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