Conflux roundup

Okay okay, you all know I wish I were there, so if I can’t be, well I’ll just obsessively scour the internets for blog posts by people who ARE! And round them up for you all 🙂

Hopefully fairly chronological, and I’ll do another round up after it’s over to get the details!


This was quite funny to do, because a lot of bloggers seemed to feel Conflux had crept up on them unexpectedly and jumped out from behind a door to scare them into realising that OMG It’s on in three, two, one…


This collection is interesting by the very absence of some of our more prolific blogifers… girliejones, catsparx, flinthart, tillianion, austspecfic, benpayne, chrisbarnes, i_ate_my_crusts, mortonhalland all the rest (by gum, I just realised exactly how MANY of my flist are actually in Canberra *sigh*). Presumably all the lucky buggers are having too much fun IN REAL LIFE to be bothered to blog about it. *double sigh* But still, now you can keep up with a little of what’s been a-happening, and I just know there’ll be some very detailed (perhaps slightly incoherent) posts early next week when they all start dribbling home…

Oooh! Random fangirl squeeeing – I can hear Captain Jack on the telly – bye now!


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3 responses to “Conflux roundup

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, is Conflux on?

  2. Anonymous

    I love you. I know exactly how you are feeling, and have spent hours scouring for con reports before… and now you’ve done all the work for me! How awesome is that!

  3. Anonymous

    you haven’t heard from many of us because we have to pay for Internet access and we’ve all been far too busy partying and panelling and hanging out. A number of the people you have listed were at the same party last night.

    I have a headache

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