It’s been such a slow night on the internets that I ended up watching telly and wrapping birthday pressies at 10pm. Was going to throw on a DVD but instead got sucked in to The First Daughter, starring (of all people!) Katie Holmes (looking young and far far FAR too sweet to end up married to Tom Cruise not many years later!) and one of my favourite ex-Buffy-ites, Marc Blucas (he was Riley in Buffy – what am I doing! Like I need to tell you lot THAT!).

I’m afraid my geek-points just dropped a mile because I really liked it! It was sweet and funny and had me grinning wildly at times and in tears (the good kind) more than once. The chemistry between Holmes and Blucas was lovely and the movie was well done. I liked it a lot. Such a lot has happened to Katie Holmes in the four years since this movie came out that I didn’t realise it was only a 2004 release til I saw the IMDB entry. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen her act in anything before! Sorry[info]cassiphone , I’m not a Dawson girl…

Throw rocks at me now.

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  1. Anonymous

    /me throws rocks up in the air and dances around, only wincing occasionally as they hit. 😉

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