Spammin’ YR LJ…

Is anyone else’s LJ as quiet as mine? I didn’t think ALL my friends were in Canberra!  Ah well. Have had intermittent Scrabble today (two games at once mostly) with Mum – I love the new online Scrabble! We had visitors for a lunch and a few hours today. A lovely family who moved here at the beginning of the year and we met at one of the child’s friend’s b’day parties! Big boy and their son are in the same class at school, and now bowl together as well, and they have a daughter missy’s age as well – after a few weeks at bowling they decided they were also good friends 🙂 Very nice people, totally out of my small press and work sphere which is kind of different!

So that was fun. Cleaning up kids’ rooms was not so much, but I can tick a job off my list. Yay!

funny pictures

funny pictures


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3 responses to “I IZ IN YOUR FLIST

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, yeah, me too. Although I’m attempting to rewrite the second half of a first chapter so technically, not bored. Not as enthusiastic about it as I should be, though.

    Got ASIM 37 yesterday btw! Amused to see the Perth photo when I opened it up 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’m still here…

    trying to write stuff…

  3. Anonymous

    Please challange me to a game on Facebook if you like. I’m always looking for Scrabble partners!

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