First week of school holidays is over, and I’ve hit a wall. So many people off having fun at Conflux, a bunch of projects either finished (ASIM 37, Angel Rising, Scary Food, Canterbury Tales) or stalled while waiting for things to come back to me (Shiny 4, website stuff). I have lots of de-junking to do, but have visitors at lunch time so can’t hook in and make the mess required to do so! I have a spare bed full of folding and ironing I’m ignoring, and I just don’t feel like reading right now. I have New Ceres edits I could start. 

Okay, fine. I’m only bored because I’m choosing not to do some of the many things I COULD be doing! I’m playing Scrabble online with mum instead and getting cross because she’s taking too long with her turns (we have two games going at once!). I’m only bored because I really want to be in Canberra with everyone else and I’m being cantankerous. And silly.  *sigh* Fine. I’ll go do some work now and stop complaining…



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6 responses to “Bored…

  1. Anonymous

    Did you get my stuff for Shiny 4?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, thank you! And by rights, I should start messing about with layout – procrastination masquerading as boredom? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Nah. I’m not at Conflux either, and I probably could have gone. Went once. Enjoyed it. Had to pull out last year due to my FIL’s illness. Didn’t apply this year. I don’t know. So many people all know each other so well and I just never seem to fit in anywhere. I don’t like parties.

  3. Anonymous

    I feel your pain. I have Conflux withdrawal this weekend too.


  4. Anonymous

    I’ll hold you to that, Mr Up-n-coming… 🙂

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