Holidays so far

So far the holidays can be summed up by lack of sleep. For some reason I’m having GREAT difficulty getting to bed any earlier than midnight (while the children are still getting up between 6 and 7!) and frequently it’s been closer to 1 or 2! Gah! Still feeling okay (perhaps a tad grumpy at times) but I REALLY think I need an early night.

Last night it was girliejonesfault (again!) as we went to her place in the evening to assist with packing for Conflux (jealous) and ended up staying til after 10.30. Hour long drive home meant another late one. But that was after a long day too. I packed up all the ASIM back issues and merchandise and everything yesterday morning. After lunch we trotted on up to poor halspacejockand dumped off a bunch of boxes on him – step one of the ASIM departure now complete! Oh, and I posted all the issue 37 subscription copies yesterday too! So it’s out in the wild now… The day continued (after tea and conversation with halspacejockand J) with a journey further north to drop off a bagful (or two) of ASIM for Ian Nichols to take to Conflux (jealous again).

We had a couple of hours to kill in the north, and I thought to catch up with battblushand family but they were busy unfortunately (sure we’ve already got plans to catch up Monday, but I’m not one to ignore an opportunity!). Luckily the Innaloo cinema is just down the road from Ian’s and the timing was right to catch Journey to the Center of the Earth (again, I know!) but this time in 3D!! Very cool! The kids were jumping out of their seats in places and trying to catch things floating in the air in others – way fun. But seeing it a second time really did highlight a missing plot thread for me – what was the point of the damn yoyo?! It was a big focus early on, setting it up for *something* but the *something* never happened in the film!!! Cutting room floor?

Then it was on to girliejonesplace and you know the rest. Today I HAVE to get the author copies of #37 mailed, and I really need to make a start on the cleaning/de-junking I’ve been promising myself. And I have to pick up my Aurealis judging novels again after a day off yesterday in which I only read Marvel comics. Brain needed a break!


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3 responses to “Holidays so far

  1. Anonymous

    So but that must mean you have a whole empty bookshelf now in the spare room?! And all those boxes in front of it must be gone?

    • Anonymous

      It’s true! Well, there are still a couple of little piles of ASIM as I’m working on mailout for the next couple of weeks still, but yes! The spare room now LOOKS like a spare room but I’m about to put all my Aurealis and review books in the bookcase so will certainly not be empty for long.

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