More productivity

We have girliejones here (slowly recovering from her Saturday night by sleeping in this morning, in spite of the noisy children!) and spent much of yesterday evening baking! Very cute cupcakes for the TPP launch at Wastelands abound, much to the disgust of the children who aren’t allowed to eat them because they contain coffee! I think we’ll do another batch of chocolate ones for them this morning 🙂 Along with all the things we were going to do last night but got distracted by Idol/Dancing/Private Practice instead.

Prior to this baking extravaganza, the kids and I watche Wall-e, and did a grocery shop. Then went BACK to the shops once girliejones arrived, so it was a big shoppy day. Money is slipping through my figures disgracefully at the moment! Must fix that problem.

Today will be editing, making business cards, more cupcakes? Hopefully ASIM 37 will be on my doorstep today – can’t wait. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow after his extended break. We’ve quite gotten used to him being around 🙂 Hoping to catch up with battblush  and kaelajael  in the next week (my turn to host?) and lots of others too, fingers crossed schedules align! Hoping to assuage my sadness that I’m not Confluxing…maybe I’ll start a new project… Would be interested in hearing of any kid-friendly events happening round the place for the next couple of weeks. Bar the show. Don’t think I’ll brave it!

Will be eBaying some books in the coming week too. And cleaning out/up kids’ rooms. I love holidays!


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