ASIM 36 reviewed at The Fix

Quite a lovely review over at The Fix of ASIM 36 which I was instrumental in bringing to life 🙂 The ASIM website has also regained its composure and is now up, so you could go buy the nicely reviewed issue if you so chose… No pressure, but ASIM 37 (my final issue) will hit my doorstep any day now, and you simply CAN’T read them out of order!

Well, actually, of course you CAN, but where would be the hype in that? 🙂


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4 responses to “ASIM 36 reviewed at The Fix

  1. Anonymous

    Your final issue?!?!
    Damn, I have to get up to date with my reading.

    • Anonymous

      Heh. I announced it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be about the traps still – have a couple of Twelfth Planet Press projects in the works and certainly not dropping the scene 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Twelth Planet Press projects – are you allowed to tell me more?

      • Anonymous

        Sure! I’m already editing for Shiny (YA webzine – hopefully we’ll have issue 4 out in October), and we’re doing a print anthology of New Ceres, which previously saw two webzine issues. There’s more stuff floating about, but that’s all that’s firm at the moment for me, although Alisa has a number of other books coming (Dirk Flinthart novella released next weekend, Deb Biancotti collection next year, one or two other things!)

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