My day out…

‘Twas busy today. Between 9am and 11.30 we dropped one child at school, got petrol (and witnessed a drive off petrol thief!), went to the library with the smaller child, went to the shops, ate beautiful pancakes, purchased present for another small child whose birthday party our small child is attending (including temper tantrum from Miss Two because SHE didn’t get a present! We’ve already been through this once a couple of months ago, and thought she had the concept, but anyway…), and came home to get ready to go out again!

By 12, small child and I were in the car, heading up to pick up girliejones to go to the WA State Library to enjoy the company of the very splendid ladnews at a small but enthusiastic book club gathering in honour of Sean’s Star Wars book The Force Unleashed. Now, I’m not really a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the movies, but I’ve not read any books, and really had no intention of doing so. After listening to Sean today, describing the book, the process of writing it, the way it came to be, and experiencing his passion for it, and witnessing his excitement, I know I’ll be reading this one. Plus, y’know, I know I’ll be getting a good story, because it’s SEAN! He rocks.

I have some video (and I didn’t realise there was protocol involved in that, so apologies!) which I will one day edit up and check with Sean that I can post somewhere. And it was very pleasant, as was the too-brief car ride with girliejones to go up and back! And Missy Two was reasonably well behaved, for a wonder. She liked Sean too… 🙂


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