I was lucky enough to see Doug Anthony All Stars on tour in my first uni degree, WAAAAY back when… I own a video of theirs I watched so many times over a few years, and have always checked out anything new any of the boys has done (although I don’t know that I’ve ever become enamoured with anything, except maybe the early Good News Week). Tonight I started singing “Throw your arms around me” to Miss Two (which she dutifully did, repeatedly – so cute!) and she liked it so much I went and found it to listen to. None of that original Hunters and Collectors stuff thanks – I’ll have mine DAAS-style!

A gold star if you can guess which one was (still is!) my favourite DAAS…


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6 responses to “DAAS

  1. Anonymous

    And I’d like to point out he is NOT gay. Just easy.
    God I love Paul.
    I always did

  2. Anonymous

    Me Three!

    And this is one of my favouritest songs!

  3. Anonymous

    That’s so good, I’m watching it twice!!

    (Favorite DAAS? I guess the obvious answer is Paul, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Richard…)

  4. Anonymous

    Well, it might not be new, but it’s rumoured to contain commentary


  5. Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d forgotten how beautiful that was. And yes, Paul is the one. Richard I always liked, but I always thought Tim was a dickhead and he’s proved it again and again (Yep, I would always forget my toothbrush!)

    Thinking of DAAS reminds be of watching The Big Gig and they did this skit on the crucifixion. I laughed my arse off, my grandparents (I was living with them at the time) were absolutely incensed and lectured me long and hard. I was abjectly contrite, but was giggling as I went to sleep. If God didn’t have a sense of humour, he would have knocked me over years ago 🙂

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