ASIM 36 available now!

The Great Website Crash of August 2008 has now been put to rights (thanks for that massive flurry of web traffic Mr Doug Van Belle!) and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #36 has truly hit cyberspace. You can’t afford to miss this issue! Dip your toes into new fiction from Golden Aurealis winner Cat Sparks, and internationally acclaimed authors such as Rachel Swirsky and Lisa Mantchev. Then dive on in, because the rest is just as fine!

Issue 36Fiction
Piper . . . Cat Sparks
Purrgatory (sic) . . . Cathy Bryant
A Drowning . . . Aimee Smith
The Robber King and the blood orange tree . . . Maggie Della Rocca
The Amazing Story of Dominic Lazar . . . Rachel Swirsky
Halfway to Dead . . . Lisa Mantchev
The Nalendar . . . Ann Leckie
Too Hot . . . Janeen Samuel
Apart . . . Grant Stone
Homemade Autumn . . . Shane Nelson

Working for a Greener Narrative . . . Lee Battersby
The Problem Was . . . Michael Merriam

Special Features
An Interview with Greg Egan . . . Simon Petrie
Book Reviews . . . Simon Petrie, I.E. Lester, Dirk Flinthart

As always, available in print and PDF from the website.

Edited by Lucy Zinkiewicz and Tehani Wessely, with artwork by Eleanor Clarke, Anna Repp, Aimee Chow and Catherine Deziel.

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