Artist call…

This is a shout out to artists – so often there’s a submissions call for an anthology or a magazine, but we rarely see them for the artists! New Ceres: The Anthology, the new collection underway from Twelfth Planet Press, is seeking cover artwork and possible internal artwork. Pay rates have yet to be determined but will be respectable.

Originally conceived as a shared world webzine, editors Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely are taking New Ceres to new places with the print anthology. We anticipate artwork that is innovative and gorgeous to behold, and welcome enquiries and submissions from established and new artists from across the globe.

Meet the world of New Ceres, an exciting and dangerous place. Its water is green and its inhabitants are sophisticates.


New Ceres is precarious: its New Enlightenment constrains society as well as liberating old thoughts and literature and drinking customs. The planet plays interstellar politics to defend its independence and it recruits refugees from Old Earth and the conquered New Alliance planets to maintain some dangerous habits


On New Ceres you will find coffee houses and highwaymen, drinks, gambling and illegal hi-technology.

For more information about New Ceres, and to download a free PDF of the original webzine to have a prowl in the world, please visit

Submissions and enquiries to ceressubs at gmail dot com 

Please feel free to pass on to other forums or artist friends!

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