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Funny luddite husbands…

I have to share this. My husband had a work mate stay over last night, who is quite technologically competent, so last night they were browsing around his friend’s Facebook, and discussing social networks etc. I rarely talk about such things with hubby, because he’s not all that interested – until it’s relevant to him!

We got up this morning and were pootling around making brekkie and all that, and he says, “Is your friend so-and-so on My Face?”


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Movie geek query

Okay, my movie geek friends – your wisdom is needed!

I need a movie that is no more than PG rated that shows fishing! Doesn’t really matter what kind of fishing, but a goodly amount of it needs to happen. I’ve thought of A River Runs Through It, but it’s a bit slow and not sure of the rating.

Also, wave boarding/surfing flicks? Point Break is the obvious, but can’t handle the rating. Have Surf’s Up on the list 🙂



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Fun thing #63 about living in WA…

…and being two hours behind the Eastern states…

Teasing my luddite husband with the State of Origin results 🙂

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In lieu of posting actual content…

McSteamy makes me hot. Gotta keep the facial hair though dude…



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I KNOW there is a place on my stinking computer that hides frigging documents that I open from an email attachment (in Word), work on, save and exit. I forgot to save it to My Documents, but I KNOW there’s a temporary file somewhere that it hides. WHERE?!


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