Movie geek query

Okay, my movie geek friends – your wisdom is needed!

I need a movie that is no more than PG rated that shows fishing! Doesn’t really matter what kind of fishing, but a goodly amount of it needs to happen. I’ve thought of A River Runs Through It, but it’s a bit slow and not sure of the rating.

Also, wave boarding/surfing flicks? Point Break is the obvious, but can’t handle the rating. Have Surf’s Up on the list 🙂



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7 responses to “Movie geek query

  1. Anonymous

    Try browsing – although The Godfather is a top suggestion…

  2. Anonymous

    Jaws 😉

    Gidget, Beach Party, got to be some Elvis ones too.

  3. Anonymous

    the animated is apparently very funny.
    superhero surf:
    unsure of the rating, but the documentary Blue Horizon was interesting:

    two that spring to mind that show fishing are; On Golden Pond:
    and The Old Man and the Sea:

  4. Anonymous

    I remember having to watch Blue Fin at school as a kid. It’s based on a book by Colin Thiele.
    It’s Australian, about deep sea tuna fishing and has a G rating.

  5. Anonymous

    Sticking with Colin Thiele, Storm boy had some fishing in it but I don’t remember how much exactly.

    As sar as surfing movies go, there is Blue Crush which according to has a DVD rating of [M] and a VHS rating of (PG)

  6. Anonymous

    Blue FIn is a bloody awesome book, so I’m sure the film was ok too…

    I think *Big Fish* has some actual fish in it?

    Surfing… there’s always that Aussie-ish TV show, what was it – Blue Water High?

  7. Anonymous

    On Golden Pond had fishing. Perhaps also people falling out of a boat but I can’t recall clearly.

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