I KNOW there is a place on my stinking computer that hides frigging documents that I open from an email attachment (in Word), work on, save and exit. I forgot to save it to My Documents, but I KNOW there’s a temporary file somewhere that it hides. WHERE?!


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11 responses to “Frustration

  1. Anonymous

    Mine’s called Mail Documents.

    Can you download an attachment, go to ‘Save’ (not Save As), and look at where it first suggests you save it?

    That’s all I got…

  2. Anonymous

    I second your frustration. You’ve got to find the message to which the document was attached, open it, and save it somewhere else under a different name. Anything you leave in the weird temporary directory (my computer insists on calling it OWK or something equally meaningless, and I have no idea where it hides). I’ve tried to change the directory where Outlook sticks attachments, but for that, it wants to overwrite the INI file for that and YIKES I’m not confident enough to do that.

    Solution: download Eudora as mail program. It’s really easy there.

    • Anonymous

      I’m using gmail these days, as Outlook failed with a massive implosion a couple of months ago. I’m usually excellent at resaving things, and squarely blame husband and children for not doing so today 😦

  3. Anonymous

    I ahve that problem from time to time. I do my best ot recall as unique a phrase as possible for the document and use it inside the search program to find it and then open it directly. Then I discover it wasn’t saved with the temporary internet documents or on the desktop or in *any* of the obvious places and I don’t feel quite so foolish after all.

    • Anonymous

      Look under:

      C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp

      replacing “Owner” with whatever your login name is.

      • Anonymous

        Thought that was going to be it and rejoiced a little. But it’s not there 😦 Thanks though – that was what I was thinking of but couldn’t figure out how to do.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Gill – tried it with no success. Think the computer ate it 😦

      • Anonymous

        Computers are like teenagers. They like eating great quantities of stuff you really don’t want to see gone.

  4. Anonymous

    Open the attachment again and click Save As.. See where it suggests. DO NOT SAVE though, or you’ll lose the previous one.

    Also, get Thunderbird instead of Outlook.

    • Anonymous

      This is from GMAIL!

      Suggests to save straight to My Documents. But the original one definitely ain’t there. I’ve searched my whole drive a number of different ways. No luck.

      What is with this piece of SHITE! *cries a little*

      • Anonymous

        Don’t ever save an attachment without changing the name and sticking it in a folder you can can find. Not only does it overwrite the old one, it tends to disappear altogether. Have lost lots of stuff this way. I don’t understand why this happens. *hates Outlook*

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