Felt it appropriate to use one of the lovely 

userpics for this post, because it’s going to be all about books! I’m very lucky in that every day I get to buy books with money that is not my own. This is fun. This is a bit nerve wracking, because I’m sure there’s a budget somewhere that’s going to turn around and bite my one of these days, but for now, it’s fun!

At my new work, there’s a fiction collection that’s a bit tatty, some parts of it quite outdated and, for my mind, a little boring. I’ve been having a wonderful time starting a decent graphic novel collection, buying up new books (some by friends of mine, including Jim’s Goblin trilogy, and the three 

books out so far!) and avoiding the non fiction collection. The non fiction collection is ANCIENT and ugly and, well, just yuck. And I know it’s a lot of work to weed, then a lot of money to replenish. But I’m thinking that term 2 might need such a job taking place. It’s just that non-fiction isn’t NEARLY as much fun to buy as fiction!

So last night, after being on the radio again (what? You missed it? Well you can listen if you like… Go to and click on Thursday April 3 – 

and I are on about half way into the show) we popped over to visit Planet Books (is that the right name) and Robin Pen sold me the rest of the Fables collection I started at the comic shop in Hay Street over Easter. Tsk. And then tonight one of my work colleagues and I went to a booklaunch for Kate McCaffrey’s YA novel “In Ecstasy” and I managed to pick up another couple of books for me, as well as a couple for school. Doing well! And yes 

I know I still owe you reviews of some others I’ve already read!

Bring on the school holidays…


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2 responses to “Books…

  1. Anonymous

    Argh – Kate mentioned the In Ecstasy launch and I forgot all about it! (Her book was the one my editor was working on before shifting to Hal 4. Talk about chalk and cheese.)

    Thanks for getting the Hal books in btw. I’d offer you some bookmarks but I think you already have enough to wallpaper three houses.

    Re the non-fiction, wouldn’t kids be getting most of that info off the ‘net? I know nothing beats a good solid book (most of the time), but in terms of seeking facts …

    • Anonymous

      Oh bummer, would have been good to catch up. Probably try to see you in the first week of the holidays?

      Regarding the NF, until we’ve got enough computers to service the school, books will have their place. Until all teachers know how to teach students useful research methods for internet research, books will have their place. For a lot of what we study in school, internet research is not always necessary, and sometimes a lot more difficult for the less ‘net savvy kids to accomplish. But yeah, I reckon it’s sure heading that way. Reference collections have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Non fiction is probably going to follow.

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