Things to do…

* Layout issue 35 for ASIM
* Slush Shiny backlog (darn you Swancon *shakes fist*)
* Organise birthday presents for mum and dad
* Ring brother for b’day tomorrow
* Get kids to school on time
* Get self to work on time (and preferably organised) – this involves getting some work sorted out for the classes!
* Adverts for Festival this week (ACK!

 can you please forward me the email I sent you about this? I don’t have these details anymore!)
* Payments for issues 33 & 34
* Mailout for issues 33 & 34 (hmmm. Buy envelopes for mailout).
* Do filing.
* Find new mouse for computer (driving me batty)
* 10 pin bowling for big boy on Thursday
* Go to gym (I need it!)
* Watch Grey’s Anatomy
* Do ironing
* Make up and clean up spare room (including the filing that will inevitably get strewn all over the bed in the process)
* Start organising garage for big chuck out
* Finalise story lineup and do editing, choose artwork etc for issue 36
* Work on sekrit project for TPP
* Try to maintain real and cyber world relationships and not burst with busyness!

Heh. This list is NOT in order of importance or deadlines, and much of it will not be looked at until the school hols in two weeks. Yay!



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5 responses to “Things to do…

  1. Anonymous

    * send certain swancon photos to a certain person *cough*


  2. Anonymous

    Is your computer up and running again, or are you still dealing with laptopitis?

    • Anonymous

      Computer is fine and home again, but still no go on the twelve months worth of emails. Already I’ve needed things stored there 😦 I’m on gmail now. Simon H will probably talk me into his groovy email program which doesn’t lose email too. Hopefully he can recover the beasties, when I deliver his Tin Duck!

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