New email address

I’ve f-locked this post, so fingers crossed it doesn’t go out into the wild!

Due to ongoing email issues, I’ve now got a new email address. Please change this in your e-dresses and drop me a line if you will as I have no contacts anymore 😦  

I’ve also lost all my emails from the past 18 months or so since I started using Outlook which is kind of devastating, as that’s my filing system. Most importantly, if you sent me an email in the past two weeks that required action, PLEASE resend it to the new address.

asimmum at gmail dot com

Thanks folks.


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4 responses to “New email address

  1. Anonymous

    Nothing terribly crucial from me, I don’t think, but I can email you the last 18 months of emails from me (there aren’t many). And all the emails from lsits will be copied to the list archives, so you can copy them from there.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about the email. DON’T delete the dbx files, since Thunderbird may still be able to import them and retrieve your mail.

    If you want help with this, let me know.

    • Anonymous

      I delete NOTHING! My computer can come visit you when I bring your Tin Duck if you think you can help, but I’m not hopeful. My school tech (a damn fine one) spent three hours trying to resurrect it. It appears there is some sort of corruption somewhere, as every time I try to import the files to a different program (I tried Outlook Express, then Thunderbird) it crashes the program. We’ve tried making a recovery file to import and repair and restore, but nothing seems to work. I can’t even import the address book without the same thing happening.

      But I’d LOVE you to have a go too! I HATE losing my files. This is the second time in four years. I have an older back up, but nothing recent worse luck. Or bad management, take your pick!

      • Anonymous

        Sure, no problem. I can grab a copy of the files and try a few things on them. It sounds like you’ve already tried everything, but I can still take a look.

        Probably not the time to mention this, but my yMail software stores each email in an individual file. I’ve not lost anything since March 2003, when I finally gave Outlook Express the flick. I have bits and pieces of PST and DBX files dating back to 1997 and I’ve managed to convert them all to yMail now.

        The only downside is that it doesn’t work with Gmail’s SSL Pop3 setup, so I get gmail to forward on to my ISP’s address and then grab from there.

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