The Difference between work and play…

I have just been at one of the most boring professional development days ever. Maybe that’s unfair. It probably wasn’t all that bad, as PD goes. But I’ve just come down off a Swancon, where enjoyable conversation with excellent people with common interests is the norm; where we work and play in tandem, because the work we do at Swancon is for our own pleasure for the most part. Of course, the fact that physically I’m still weary from the con probably doesn’t help either!

But I think I also knew a bit too much about the stuff they were on about today. Same content, different process. Time to ease up on the PD for a while I think 🙂

Am typing on hubby’s laptop – computer still sick. If you’re expecting an email from me, please be patient (or resend it, and I can action it immediately).


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7 responses to “The Difference between work and play…

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been to some truly atrocious PDs recently. It makes me impatient for all the time lost – and even makes me want to be back in the classroom which is, like, masochistic or something.

    I have to go to an IT PD in a couple of weeks. For an entire day. With sessions on things like, oh, blogging. And podcasting. Using the digital camera. How to scan from the photocopier.

    I may go insane.

    • Anonymous

      That sounds scarily like the PD I was just at! Why do you have to go when it’s stuff you already know?

      • Anonymous

        Well, this one because it’s at school, and apparently it would be bad form not to turn up. I really would just prefer to be teaching my classes, and not losing yet another damn Tuesday.

        My sneaky thing: sign up for ‘how to research on the internet’, make sure I get a computer facing away from everyone else and… wahey! Get to do some actual work!

  2. Anonymous

    Computer downage? Bummer.

    I know what you mean about trying to find your groove again after a good Con…

    • Anonymous

      It’s weird, because Zara is off and racing, despite having to head off to China in a day or so! And I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for the month. But I’m sure it’ll come back – maybe when the computer does! (lunch time today hopefully – hopefully fixed too!)

  3. Anonymous

    what was the PD on?

    • Anonymous

      It was the Edna and Me PD – they are on a national tour with it. I think the venue was part of the problem. The content and presentation was actually bad, but I’ve done a lot of stuff like it in other ways, so not being able to be hands on was probably the worst part.

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