Is late, I know, and it won’t be comprehensive as I’m just tossing it down when I’m supposed to be working. However, as I can’t see me having any serious computer time til next week, just quickly, here is a brief wrap up.

I won a Ditmar. 🙂

Seriously, that’s it!

I had a ball at Swancon, barring the odd organisational issue. The people were awesome (I used that word a lot!) and there was lots of fun to be had. It was great to finally meet some people in the flesh, and get to know others that bit better. I even went to a program item! Fair enough, it was Rob Shearman’s reading, but I went!

2012/Worker’s Paradise launch was fun, as was of course girliecon and the various room parties in

‘s room (you’re a legend!). I had family commitments Saturday night, but the Ditmars were great (well done

) not the least because Andromeda Spaceways won Best Professional Achievement, and me Best New Talent, which was lovely, thanks to all who voted. girliejones and co also cleaned up, and Rick Kennett’s story from ASIM 28 won Best Short Story. Tin Ducks were cool too (congrats to

on winning the long form!), and it was just great to see so many people I know winning well deservedly. The Mumfan and Silver Swan awards were tear jerking, and make you really appreciate the community in general.

I’ve missed loads of important stuff, and I hope to be more comprehensive soon. Best go do some real work now!


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13 responses to “Swancon

  1. Anonymous

    They were only so good because you were there!

    And a well-deserved Ditamr it was, too… all of them, in fact! (I mean those you were associated with.)

    • Anonymous

      The Ditmars were a lot of fun (what I remember – texting a message to Tansy every two minutes impacted upon my awareness of what was actually going on!) but I enjoyed sitting where we were 🙂

      I’m no expert on room parties, but Cat said that the Sunday night one was perhaps the best she had ever attended – high praise indeed methinks!

      • Anonymous

        Yeh – the live blogging *sounded* like a good idea, but possibly ought to have been split between a few of us! And we were definitely sitting in THE spot.

        Wahey – high praise indeed from Cat! Not that I can claim *any* responsibility for the grooviness, seeing as I didn’t do the inviting! But it was a great night all ’round.

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations on the award!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! We’re pretty chuffed with all the awards this weekend. Andromeda Spaceways did well in Australia and New Zealand 🙂 And on an individual level, I’m really excited still!

  3. Anonymous


    Congratulations! And well deserved, too!

  4. Anonymous

    I had a ball at the con this year and meeting you guys was a highlight.

    Thanks for not throwing anything at Dirk at myself during dinner on Friday at Indian while we talked wrestling.

    Congrats on the Ditmar and well done for all the work you did at the con. I was jealous of the amount of enthusiasm you had. Whats your secret?

    Thanks to you and the rest of the small press guys for making the con so much fun.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, if there’s conversation I know how to listen to, it’s wrestling conversation! I think I used up my store of enthusiasm for the month though – finding it hard to motivate myself this week, whereas some others I know have been off and racing. Lucky April starts soon eh? 🙂

      I had fun too – good company is essential to the success of a con I think. Thanks for being part of that!

  5. Anonymous


    I’m way behind on everything, but THIS I saw :D.

  6. Anonymous

    Congrats on the Ditmar!

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