See us at Swancon!

Before you all pack your suitcasies and go get on your planes, I must remind you to leave a bit of spare space in your carryons for all the carry homes you’ll pick up if you visit the Small Press table at Swancon. We’re far too big to be contained just to the market day, so instead we’ve arranged a full time table where you’ll be able to pick up, at any time (during the day) during Swancon:

* all the ASIM you want;
* The Workers Paradise; 
* Fantastic Wonder Stories;
Daikaiju 3,
* Shiny 2007 Trio;
* Magic Dirt;
Borderlands 9; and
* a whole tonne of Mirrordanse books – including a special deal for the first 3 volumes of the Aust Best Of Series.

You might also find other bits and pieces like jewellery and ASIM merchandise that you just can’t miss out on! And if you ask real nice, there may even be coffee and cookies…

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