Yay for grandparents!

Calloo callay! My mum and dad are flying over for Easter. This means I no longer need to worry about the kids for Swancon! 

I know that sounds terrible, but it’s actually great! Mum had been thinking about coming for, literally, a flying visit of about five days, JUST so she could look after the kids! Then she realised she could do a round trip over eight days – much better. NOW my dad says he will come too! THEN when we were looking at flights this evening, and we thought we’d found the perfect one on QANTAS to get here from Brissy, the damn thing went up $60.00 between one look and the next! So, THEN she said, well they could probably come for the WHOLE WEEK! 

So NOW it looks like they will fly in late Saturday night (the weekend before Easter), and stay until the Tuesday night after Easter. Much much better, cos it means I’ll see lots of them, the kids will think it’s AWESOME, and they’ll have a bit more time to catch up with other rellies too.



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3 responses to “Yay for grandparents!

  1. Anonymous

    That’s just great!

  2. Anonymous

    Yay for grandparents. Also yay for Asimmums and their parcels :). I’m already embedded in review book and entirely rejoicing in magnets.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s just AWESOME!!! So pleased for you 🙂


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