In the week that was.

I had a lovely afternoon today, as I visited kaelajael at her home down the way. Other than a fleeting encounter at Sydney airport nearly three years ago, I haven’t seen kaelajaelsince I MET her in 2002 at Convergence, where she (another founding member) had co-ordinated the Ditmar award winning Andromeda Spaceways official launch. I had not forgotten how lovely she is, but it was wonderful to experience it again in person! Her family is pretty awesome too 🙂

As a fantastic bonus to a terrific visit, she handed over a bunch of ASIM back issues and extra covers, INCLUDING long ago sold out copies of issue 1, 11, 12 and 17 (among others) – #11 and #17 were both a multi award winning issues in various ways, and I know there are some people who came late to the ASIM experience who will be very pleased to finally be able to complete their collections! kaelajael also passed over to me the Ditmar the collective won for the 2002 launch, although I’m sure she should keep it even though she is no longer a member of the collective, because she was the primary organiser of the event. But I suppose she knows I will cherish it, and it now has prime frontage in my big new bookcase!

I was also supposed to see my aunt today, but she bailed on me, postponing til next weekend. Ah, the life of a social butterfly! Because this lovely afternoon today is following YESTERDAY’s lovely afternoon (which I haven’t blogged, tsk) where my old family friend (no, she’s not old, but our mum’s were best friends who met and married (separately) our dad’s who were best friends!) Kristy to lunch with 


in Victoria Park. ‘Twas again a wonderful time, with mutliple conversation threads and even some real work occuring! I look forward to much more time with these gorgeous ladies.

Elsewise? We’ve also been sea kayaking this week, which was excellent – I’ve loved kayaking for YEARS but rarely get the opportunity. We also saw Enchanted, which was delightful. Both kids (and grownups) really enjoyed it. AND I finally bought my new desk (grrr, second one in seven months) and two chests of drawers, so some more of this darn unpacking can occur – ahem, once I get them all assembled. One chest done, one more tonight? Desk definitely tomorrow!



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8 responses to “In the week that was.

  1. Anonymous

    So, I’m home this week with two kids who are going stir-crazy. I’d love to head your way for a coffee/play date. I will even bring muffins 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sounds great! Are you happy to come visit the new house here, or do you want us to meet halfway, or come to you?

      • Anonymous

        We’re happy to go there. Early in the week would be good as Connor has an eye operation on Thursday. When suits you?

      • Anonymous

        We drop hubby off to his plane at about 4.30AM on Monday morning, and after that we’re free til next Saturday I think. No other plans at this stage, so definitely up for a loooong playdate! Tuesday?

      • Anonymous

        Tuesday it is. Shall we say about 10ish? That way the kids can have a long play and we’ll still be home in time for Lee.

        I’m looking forward to it.

      • Anonymous

        Perfect. I remembered I have an appointment at 4pm so that will work well, yes?

        What would you like for lunch? Are there foods to avoid?

        And do you know how to find us?

  2. Anonymous

    We must do it again. And soonish 🙂 I had a wonderful time.

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