Find of the year

I read a lot of books this year. A LOT. This was because I was judging for the Aurealis Awards, and receiving review copies of books from all over the place, and, well, because I like to read a lot. But I have to say, of all the books I read, and there were some fantastic ones, my favourite “find” (not necessarily my favourite book, but the best find of the year) would have to be Tanya Huff’s “Confederation of Valor”. I picked this up for $1.00 at the Red Cross shop here in Rockingham. It’s actually two books in one, character driven SF with a top female protagonist and really cool action. Apparently a new novel in the series came out in 2007 – it is now my mission to hunt it down.


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2 responses to “Find of the year

  1. Anonymous

    It’s sad to think how many excellent writers from all countries must pass under the international radar unless someone brings their work in and sells it to a second hand shop:-(

    A Wikipedia check revealed Huff to be a very prolific writer. And apparently she can filk, too!

    • Anonymous

      Tanya Huff books sell here I am sure. I have seen them in the library (and read one, Blood Ties – it was good), and on my sister’s bookshelves.

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