To you and your kin…

Well the children and I are home again for a day after a lovely, mostly relaxing Christmas with the aunt and uncle in Perth. Considering the husband was back at work, and the family we’ve spent the last many Christmas’s with (my mum and dad) were in Queensland, we did have a lovely day. I sent off a text message picture to various friends and family early in the am (of the kids opening some pressies) and managed a few phone calls, so we stayed in touch. Hubby tells me they had a near miss at work that day, which is what the wife of an underground miner REALLY likes to hear, but hey, that’s life I guess. He also got a great seafood dinner last night, so he was happy anyway!

Backtrack – on Christmas Eve I finally managed to meet up with some of the people I’ve been dying to see!


 and I got together at one of the big shopping centres in Perth (not QUITE the madhouse I thought is might be on Christmas Eve afternoon, but then, we didn’t stray far from the Coffee Club!) for an afternoon of wonderful conversation and lovely friendship. I’m looking forward to our next catchup immensely, but perhaps next time we’ll go someplace the children can be free (like the playground at the shopping centre my aunt told me about when we got to their place!) because despite what

very generously suggested over at her LJ, I thought the children were actually quite ratbaggish.

After not enough hours with the excellent conversation, the kids and I headed to Parkwood for the family Christmas. Uncle Rex had been fishing and couldn’t wait to take some photos of Master 5 with a massive snapper to send off to Grandpop to stir him up. Cousin Holly and her boyfriend Ross were also there, baking, so we had a lovely evening before watching Driving Lessons (with Rupert Grint and Julie Walters (?) ) which wasn’t a bad flick. I’d received FIVE review books in the post that day, and

passed on a bagful more when I saw her, so I then stayed up far too late reading! Which is also how I passed much of Christmas Day 🙂 This is normal.

Kiddies were up at 6am, with big boy bolting into my room very excited about the bulging Santa sack at the end of his bed. I bade him to bring it in and the three of us merrily opened Santa pressies, to much acclaim, trying to give Gene and Rex a bit more sleep in. Eventually I couldn’t contain them anymore so we found Gene and Rex opening his BIRTHDAY presents (bugger having a Christmas birthday innit). We then managed to forestall the inevitable barrage of gifts under the tree until after breakfast, dressing and that sort of thing, but it proved the ideal distraction after Uncle Rex managed to fall off the top of a wheelie bin, taking out both children in the process! He was attempting a retrieval of a new frisbee from over the fence, and it was rather amusing (except for the kids, who were howling!) as he is somewhat of a safety person in his job!

We hooked in to get the cold lunch as prepped as possible, and Gene’s rellies started arriving not long after the pressies were unwrapped (lovely gifts, including clothes for me, vouchers for shopping, and awesome pressies of toys, games etc for the kids). I didn’t really know many of Gene’s rellies (my relations are Rex’s side) but of course they were all very lovely and it was a nice relaxing day – I read lots!

After everyone left about 5.30, we finished of the clean up and then watched Inspector Rex on SBS (German police dog Christmas special!) and then Because I Said So on DVD. Recommend this movie!  Another late night reading (darn those Charlaine Harris books!) and an unsettled 5 year old, so I’m a bit weary today. We’re now home for the day, but we’re off to Greenhead to see more rellies tomorrow. 

Hope others had a nice Chrissy too! 


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