Update in Perth

Sitting at the internet kiosk in the hotel foyer at 7ish with two children whohave been out all day is distracting to say the least…

We went to the zoo yesterday, which the kids really enjoyed (yes, and us too!).

Looks like we’ll get the house we’ve put in for in Shoalwater. Drove past again today – it’s still nice, and quick to new work.

Got Miss Two booked into ABC Rockingham for next year. Still checking out the childcare and school sitch but if nothing else is better, this one looks nice – young staff, on the way to work!

Not much else is news. This hotel is pretty bomby and we’re looking forward to getting OUT!

Still planning to hit Fantastic Planet tomorrow arvo/evening – anyone else?

And yes, feeling much better now.


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3 responses to “Update in Perth

  1. Anonymous

    What hotel?

    And what time tomorrow at FP?

    • Anonymous

      Ack – I missed your previous post. Which hotel are you at? or which end of Hay St (East Perth or West Perth/Kings Park)

      Coz I work on Hay St and might be able to swing a bit of time 🙂

    • Anonymous

      We’re at the Comfort Inn, 200 Hay St. Staff are lovely but actual hotel facilities leave a bit to be desired.
      FP is 5.30 start for drinks, then across to Durty Nellys for dinner? I think. Not sure we’ll stay for dinner though.

      Do you have my mobile?

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