Quick catchup

I started this yesterday but ran out of credit before I posted! I sum up…

* Big plane ride, much vomiting just before landing – oh goodie.
* Pick up husband, get lost going to hotel, nice when we arrive.
* Phone messages from real estate (home sale being delayed by two weeks) and Smart Teachers – job interview Wednesday.
* Tues – start house hunting. Not much where I want, hubby cranky. Start looking south.
* Smart Teachers call re interview – Teacher Librarian job at Rockingham – ooh, beach town!
* House hunting moves to Rockingham.
* Wed – interview – VERY good, DREAM job, offered on the spot!!!
* House hunting continues…
* Thurs – Very ill Wed night and Thurs, but house hunting goes on. Visit the lovely Rockingham beach and the bowling alley, kids love it. House inspections. Ooh, yes, very nice!
* Put in application for a gorgeous four bedroom house in Shoalwater (Shoalhaven? Gah!) – find out tomorrow.

Very potted version of our week – been very busy obviously, but so stoked about the job! Rockingham is lovely, and while not originally where we were looking, it’s ideal really. The job is just awesome, I’ll describe in more detail when I’ve got better access. Hopefully we won’t be homeless next week!


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6 responses to “Quick catchup

  1. Anonymous

    Oooo! which school in Rockingham?

  2. Anonymous

    Ooohhhh Goody! Just up the road from me!!! We really will be able to play catch up!

    And yes – what school?

  3. Anonymous

    Short response that encompasses much much more: YAY!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Heyy, I did an author visit to the Rockingham SHS library a couple of months ago! If it’s that one, say hi to the library folk from me!

    Also, Heidi Wessman Kneale is right in that area: http://hkneale.livejournal.com/

    Mind you, I’m sure you have her email, since you just sent me her review of Ilario for the ASIM website.

  5. Anonymous

    Great news! I hope you get the house OK. Rockingham’s improved a lot in recent years and the beach is a big bonus when you’ve got kids. And the perfect job straight off – wow! Is the location convenient for The Man’s work?

    Hoping to see you at Swancon:-)

  6. Anonymous

    Got my fingers crossed for you. And… yeah. Sympathies over the Great Airline Chunder Event. Kids are SO much fun to travel with, eh?

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