In Perth time…

Husband goes back to work Monday, so we’ll be left to our own devices in the city in the evenings from Monday through to maybe Thursday depending on when we move into our new house. I’m hoping to make it to drinks at Fantastic Planet on Tuesday evening. Anyone else?

And what else should I check out? We’re staying in Hay Street (bottom end).

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  1. Anonymous

    Plenty of bookshops, although they won’t be open in the evenings. The Picadilly cinema does cheap tickets, but not the latest movies. You could hop on a Cat bus and do a tour of the city: maybe even take the ferry across to South Perth, have a quick walk and come back on the next ferry. Or, finances permitting, the kids might like to go to the zoo while you’re there.

    You can buy a cheap lunch at the Hare Krishna restaurant in William St (not open at night, though). In the daytime, take a bus up to King’s Park and check out the war memorials and whispering wall as well as the gardens.

    Take a train down to Freo and come back up on the river cruise boat. Not dirt cheap, but it’s the sort of thing you only do once:-)

    Have a good week!

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