From the good to the gah…

Wanted to go on city bus tour this morn – rushed out to get to stop by 8.55am and then realised that the busstop sign said first bus 10.35am. Rang number on catalogue “Those brochures must be 18 months out of date” No apology though.

Stupid real estate rang – sent incorrect paperwork for sale of house. No apology though.

Rang Allied Pickford to find out where our car is. Oh, takes up to 14 working days. Not what we were told last week. No apology though.

On the plus side, I got posted with DET to a school about 60 km from Perth. Obviously not taking, but still…
And still sick.

Oh, can’t say which school I’m at til next week. Got offered the job on the spot but it doesn’t actually CLOSE til Monday! Not public.


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4 responses to “Gah

  1. Anonymous

    Hope you are enjoying being over here.

    We are having an election party Saturday night, but I assume with kids and chaos of moving its probably a bit early for socialising. Still, we should invite you to some things so you can meet some more people over here. Also, there is a Swancon fundraiser screening of the movie Beowulf on Thursday.

    I’m sure I will run into you eventually, anyway, looking forward to it. Though actually, I’m going to Alice Springs for 6 months in January!

  2. Anonymous

    You’re back online? Oh! Lovely. Presumably not yet at home, but at least no longer incommunicado.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick… me too. Summer virus. Gets me every frakkin’ year when the heat turns up.

    Hey, I have to ask a question. Am I morally obliged to review all those books you sent? Because… uhhh… there’s at least one of ’em I’d rather not review because frankly it’s killing me just to read the thing. Email me?


    • Anonymous

      Not back on really, just sneaking in some time here and there. No, you don’t have to review sweetie. Tell me in an email which one it was! I think I know…

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