Sick kids

Oh, did I mention? BOTH kids are ill tonight. Dunno what with. Miss 2 has been a bit off all week, but I thought it might have been some big teeth coming through. Master Nearly 5 has been quite tired, but otherwise fine. Today I get a phone call at work at 2.30 to come collect the boy. He’s hot, tired and headachy. Less than half an hour later (I was on the way to get her anyway) I get a call from HER kindy, saying her temp is high and she’s lethargic and sooky. 

Both of them had temps of over 39 degrees this afternoon. And that’s ON the drugs! Cool bath/shower, very quiet evening. Missy has been in bed since about 5.30, young man just gone (after a video lying on the lounge). Will see what the night brings…

They’ve both eaten well today, and are happy to keep fluids up, so I’m hoping it’s nothing major. Always worry about high temps though. And there has been chicken pox going around… 

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  1. Anonymous

    You don’t need this:-( (Nor do the kids!)

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