Comic book sexism

I’m sure it says something about the nature of comic books, but I find it very interesting that in the August 2007 edition of Wizard (some comic book magazine I picked up by mistake a while back and just finished trawling through), there are NO females. There’s comic book characters with big boobs, but no female writers, inkers, artists, interviews, blah blah blah.

I’m sure girls READ comics. How come girls don’t WRITE comics? Or at least, how come those girls, if there ARE any, don’t get space in Wizard?

Itsa boys club after all, itsa boys club aaafter all…


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2 responses to “Comic book sexism

  1. Anonymous

    It’s totally a boys club, but there are some great female comic book writers doing superhero work: Devin Grayson and Gail Simone immediately spring to mind.

  2. Anonymous

    Does Louise Simonson still write? Trudy Cooper, although PG’s a webcomic now but still. I’m sure there’s others but it’s past my bedtime 🙂

    Has the ratio of male:female readers changed substantially in the last decade?

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