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So tired

And I can’t sleep. I went to bed at 7.30 tonight, and dozed, tossed, turned etc. I had just dropped off into decent sleep (early, for once, trying to catch up on the sleep I’ve been missing with all the crap this week) when my mother rang. I’d turned off my mobile, hadn’t called her or replied to the email she’d sent, and the home phone was on the internet still (had finally been bumped off by all the calls she and husband had tried to make). She was about to call the police because she couldn’t contact me. I can’t be mad at her, because I know she was just concerned, but at the same time I couldn’t stop crying on the phone because I’m so damn tired and all I wanted to do was get a decent night’s sleep. I’ve been waking up at 5 or 5.30 each morning, so I was trying to get to bed earlier for once, so that the early wake up wouldn’t matter. And now I’m still sitting here, staring at a screen again, same as every night. And I’ll go to bed with a book trying to wind down – again. So it will probably be after 11 before I sleep. Again.

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Oh and another thing…

I was shortlisted for the USQ Hervey Bay campus librarian  job last week. Interviews were Friday. I withdrew my application on being advised of the interview (which was in school time) because I refused to waste school time, and mine, and theirs, on an interview that if I was successful in, I would have to either turn down or be completely bodgy and accept for three months then resign. That’s not fair or ethical, so I withdrew my application for a job I would have loved, because I knew we would be leaving. Now we’re not. That fucking sucks.


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You know how for the past three weeks I’ve been on an adrenalin stress high about husband’s new job and anticipation of move to WA? Apparently not. 

I don’t want to swear. I do want to cry. I did cry, although that was AFTER the end of the shock phone call I received at 4.15pm this afternoon. AFTER husband had gone back to his current role and advised them of his resignation (around 7am this morning). AFTER receiving the Letter of Offer and returning it, signed, to the company (Saturday). AFTER a number of emails from the new job with details of uniforms, flights from Perth, accommodation, removal quotes and so on (Saturday/Sunday). AFTER I had confirmed with my deputy principal that I would be leaving towards the end of the year, thus jeopardizing my chances of transfer to this district. AFTER spending money on little handyman jobs around the house in anticipation of renting, and annoying local real estate many times about future renting prospects. AFTER spending many many many hours investigating real estate, jobs, applying for jobs, looking at finances, discussing options and making decisions. 

AFTER all these things had happened, the employment agent we had been dealing with rings and says that the mine will not be offering husband the job because he doesn’t have the WA shift supervisor certificate. That’s the certificate we didn’t know he had to have (it wasn’t in the job ad and had not been mentioned ONCE in the frequent emails and phonecalls between the agent and the mine employer and husband). The certificate that husband never once claimed to have. Didn’t know it existed. Apparently the mine employer had hoped *note, HOPED* to employ husband then get him the qualification. Apparently this is not possible. Why the hell would you give someone a letter of offer based on something that was so inherently FLAWED?!!!  I am so very angry about this, as now we are in a god awful position in that husband has tendered his resignation and has to grovel to rescind it. They’ll probably keep him, but shit, that’s not a good feeling, and it’s not good for loyalty and trust. Conversely, this mine in WA may turn around and figure out a way to get husband there after all, given the shit they’ve flung us into and the outrage we’ve expressed, but even if they do, what sort of way is that to start a career relationship?

Fuck it. I’m swearing anyway. Something that I was almost completely and totally happy about five hours ago, when I confirmed with my deputy that I could do my contract for next term and then we were off, I am now completely in shock about, angry, devastated and distraught.

Oh, and to top it off. I came home today to an invoice/receipt for registration with the Western Australia College of Education. There’s $180 bucks well fucking spent. Never mind the hours I’ve already put into to job applications for WA. That’s all just icing on the cake.


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The funnest thing I’ve read for yonks!

First go here

Then take a visit here

And finally end up here – and bookmark it!

I only have two kids but I so TOTALLY understand this!  Plus its an excellent example of where creative blogging can take you.

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Coolest idea ever!

I just went to the Seek jobsite, but it’s down for half an hour for maintenance. What is very very cool though is that they have linked to a PacMan game, to play while you wait!

Some genius in their IT department deserves a raise for that one 🙂

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