Home again…

… from a week away in which many visits were made and plans changed (as usual). Caught up with some good friends I hadn’t spent time with in a while, which was lovely. Miss Almost-Two (really, it’s her birthday in one week!) got to play with four babies so had a ball. This makes me a little sad because except for the quirks of fate she would have had a bubba of her own to cuddle in less than a month 😦 

Have come home to a stack of jobs a mile high but at least the house is tidy! Also have no children as after spending two days with them in the car was very pleased to leave them with their grandparents for a night or two. Husband is home (perhaps briefly) but not sure what the week ahead will bring. Only know that I HAVE to get tax done, magazine jobs up to date and units of work written! Oh, and have birthday party for missy on Friday – I am doing nothing except handing over money – much smart!

Am very jealous of the lucky buggers at Conflux. Want to be there. Want.

Came home to many many emails, lots of them ASIM sales which is wonderful – issue 31 was released at Conflux today (and subscribers should have their copies) although I haven’t seen the print one yet myself. Must write press releases. I’m so proud of this issue, I’m fit to bust over it. While I also edited issue 27 earlier this year, that issue was one I inherited from an ASIM-ite who had to leave us, and therefore my ownership of it was never total. This one I had from go to whoa, and I’m really really pleased with it. One of the stories is so powerful that it still makes me tear up even now, after editing and re-reading it so many times! And there’s a new Red Priest, an interview with Robin Hobb, a Jim Hines Jig the Goblin story, and heaps of other great reads, many of them from Australian authors! Well, what are you waiting for?? 

But really, I didn’t post for self-gratuitous promotional purposes only. No, I must also post this link:


I got issue one in my inbox today. This is good stuff people. And at a great price too!

And I’m really looking forward to picking up my mail tomorrow – many parcels apparently!  Books are bound to be among them, as, I imagine, are my ASIM 31s! Yay!

Oh, no kittehs yet. They are expected soon. Anyone want?

I’m now going to bed. Good to see the bad habits of staying up late are easy to fall back in to.


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  1. Anonymous


    kittehs? kittehs?

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