Life and all that

It’s been a few days since I posted, which might suggest I’ve been busy. Busy, tired, weary, preoccupied, all of the above. Dot points is easiest, and they might be a bit random:

* Husband is being offered a lesser role with the company we had the original offer from. He cannot do the first role, as he has neither the certification nor the requisite underground mining length of experience required for the certification (a fact neither the employment agent nor the mine foreman picked up on in three weeks of negotiation *sigh*). New role still a good opportunity, and they’ve not only left the relocation to WA in the package, but will commit in writing to providing necessary training and job experience over the next couple of years to GET husband into the role originally offered. Still waiting on new letter of offer. Was supposed to be here Monday. Is now Friday *double sigh*

* I’ve got my transfer into my school. This means if we DON’T go, I have a permanent job here, in the school I’ve been working in, with a library load, and English and SOSE heads of department who apparently love me – both went out of their way to congratulate me on the transfer today and gush about how pleased they are to have me!!! My library co-workers are also really pleased (and that’s where I really want to be, naturally) but a bit more reserved because they know more about the situation that is going on outside of school. So it’s a yay with a guilty feeling.

*We went swimming for the first time this season last weekend (and will go again tomorrow). Kids had an absolute ball, and have been bugging to go back. Wish we had more time to go. See Miss Nearly Two in her new Dorothy togs 🙂

* It’s now school holidays and it doesn’t look like I’ll get much of a break. I have:
         ^*^ an assignment due now (will hand in by Sunday) and another in three weeks; 
         ^*^ a test (and associated revision sheets) to write, and four new units of work for next term; 
         ^*^ an excursion to plan;
         ^*^ Missy’s birthday party to organise;
         ^*^ ASIM layout, contracts, marketing and stuff to catch up on;
         ^*^ tax to send off;
         ^*^ house to get shipshape maintenance-wise for if we do move (and rent it out);
         ^*^ family and friends to visit;
         ^*^ jobs to apply for in WA (in case we go).
And I’m sure there’s more. Busy, anyway.

I’m sure other stuff has been happening, but I can’t think right now. I think I’d best go to bed now, and get a decent night’s sleep before attacking th huge list I have (no, that’s not all of it!). Having a few days with family in amongst everything, flitting about the countryside. See how the new old car handles the big trips.


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2 responses to “Life and all that

  1. Anonymous

    don’t you hate it when people do the “but you get so many holidays!” line when you know you never really have that many holidays

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