The pressure is off

Now that we won’t be moving in a very short time, I think my body has just decided to have a little rest. I have been so tired this weekend, have had two late afternoon lay downs (I tried to nap, but absolutely could not shut down) and have procrastinated my way through a day and a half of kids-free weekend. That’s not to say I didn’t get anything done. The washing is complete, the floors are clean, the dishes are handwashed (thanks to the two-month old dishwasher that has stopped working) and the house is tidy. The desk, however, is not. And that’s where the procrastinating is apparent. My main goals this weekend were to hook into my next uni assignment, and get the tax at least STARTED. Neither has been achieved. I am going right now to work on the assignment. The tax is being ignored again. My desk looks disgusting, there is paperwork everywhere, but you know what? I’m cool with that. I am tired, I’ve had a very stressful (mostly in a good way, but it’s tiring nonetheless) two weeks, and I’m enjoying being a bit restful (which has included reading two more books from my AA judging pile – only two left! Well, til the remaining nominations arrive at least). I refuse to feel guilty. And I may even watch a bit of telly. Although I will be ironing while I do that, but still…

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